We wanted to thank our guests that fought some tough Seattle traffic to make it to our event tonight.  We had a great time sharing insight into how each of our organizations works with hybrid cloud projects.  Options I/O  talked about managing multiple products & services for our clients from our cloud marketplace for optimal hybrid cloud design.  We include our consulting and design assistance at no additional cost when you choose products from our marketplace.  Options I/O selects best-of-breed cloud partners and we maintain expertise across these products & services and the public cloud providers.  We announced tonight that we have added Chef to our marketplace and we are very excited to start our partnership.  We also wanted to thank Mark Estes from Emdeon for talking about how he uses Options I/O and our marketplace on his public cloud migration project.

Our partners at Digital Fortress talked about the different AWS connectivity options from their Downtown Seattle, South Seattle and Moses Lake data centers.  This includes a 2 millisecond latency number from their Downtown Seattle data center to the AWS Direct Connect hub in Seattle.  They also highlighted for companies that have green energy initiatives that the Seattle data centers’  power utility, Seattle City Light, is the greenest utility in the nation with 97% renewable power.

Our partners at Cascadeo shared their experiences as a vendor-neutral cloud consulting company.  They presented a healthcare client case study that was architected using a hybrid cloud design.  They also shared best practices and lessons learned from that deployment.  These best practices included using Netflow to discover application dependencies over time that may not be obvious as a way to minimize breaks in migrating, as well as using portions of AWS that allow for HIPAA-compliant workloads and dedicated hardware to compensate for public cloud services not eligible for HIPAA workloads.

Our partners at Alert Logic talked through the benefits of using their Security-as-a-Service across public cloud providers and on-premise infrastructure security simultaneously through a single console.  This includes using their IDS, Vulnerability Assessment, auto-scaling Web Application Firewall and Log Management services coupled with 24×7 monitoring and expert guidance services.  They highlighted how companies  moving to the cloud or have developers working on cloud projects outside of current security and compliance can easily maintain the agility of the cloud while bringing these developers into compliance.

We look forward to seeing you at the next event and if you have any questions or would like to discuss in more detail please contact us.


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